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If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others.

— Mohammad Zeyara  (via tellmefive)

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Evolution Door

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Folded metal kiosks by Make.

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Food Is My Valentine

these are wonderful

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We did this little trippy ditty for Chinese New Year. Let’s go Horsey!

More about our Marketing / Branding / PR Collective

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I like colorful tales with black beginnings and stormy middles and cloudless blue-sky endings. But any story will do.

— Katherine Applegate  (via thatkindofwoman)

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December 16, 2013 at 11:08pm
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Small-endians vs Big-endians

"Systems are needed to organise even the most irrelevant seeming of things. It may be trivial, but we insist that everyone must do it in the same way, if only to avoid anarchy."


October 23, 2013 at 5:24pm
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"When I started out in advertising, the desktop computer was as large as a desk and the internet was largely unheard of. Today, computers have taken over most of our functions, including- sadly to some extent- thinking.

It was the tail end of the Mad Men era and marketing directors had balls, literally. They made decisions based on gut feel and intuition and they stood by their decisions once they were made.

These days, the key marketing functions are strategically outsourced to planning specialists and decisions are hardly made without consulting housewives, kids and folks who can’t tell a good idea from a pile of garbage. The key to survival in marketing today, it seems, is to spread the responsibility and share the blame.

It used to be about doing the best work for a client’s business. Now it is about doing the best work to raise your company’s ranking and stock price.”

Patrick Law, Goodfellas Singapore


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Just hanging out with the boys #ziggyseah

Just hanging out with the boys #ziggyseah